2022 Marketing Services Cost/Pricing


HomePage Marketing Services:

All services are priced separately or as part of our $625.00 SERVICE package

$250/month Social Media /Postings

– Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

Content Creation: 10 Posts Per-Week Curated, plus, Unlimited Client Content Posted,  Video Packaging , Job Postings, Google My Business Posts and photo updates.

$55/month Email Marketing + Email List / Contact Management

Monthly service includes monthly email campaign template and formatting in HTML, stock photo or graphic, customizing client copy, customizing contact lists, Import + Updating Email Data + Exporting and Importing Contacts to Social as required.

$55/month Blogging – HTML Formatting – Website Publishing

Monthly service includes unlimited blog posts using client content and up to 1 curated local feature post* per month .

Client blog content is formatted in HTML for website use, localized, and linked to internal website sources, categorized, cited, submitted, edited, and shared on Social.

* A curated post includes content from any of the following sources: client photos, announcements, company news and event info, industry news, alerts, Employee of the Month, stock or client video, print flyers, awards, holiday and observances, invitations, educational info., employee training, office events, community outreach, client stories, expert advice, and service promotions.

Clients are responsible for publishing and can request edits. We will always work with the client to provide content for their consideration and approval. Featured articles/essay copywriting is considered creative work and billed separately @ $10 per 1/4 hr.  We employ best practices for SEO and copy formatting.

$55/month Ad Management Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn

Monthly service includes multiple campaigns for Recruiting, Website Traffic, Phone Leads, and Video Ads.

$55/month Ad Management Google Search/YouTube/Google Partner Networks

Monthly service includes Up to 2 Campaigns + $20 Per Additional Campaign.

$55/month Online Account and Website Maintenance

Monthly service includes monitoring websites, website maintenance to including copy and photo updates and; monitoring and updates to online properties including Kentico, Zoho, Ad-Roll, PR Web, Slick Text, CallRail, Kenshoo, Facebook, Google My Business, Google Ad Words, and Google Analytics, and Website SEO Tools (ie Yoast) when available.

$100/month Agency Management and Creative

Monthly service includes Client Photo Management (Sizing/File Maintenance), Stock Photos, Music and Video provided for monthly services above, Account Admin., PR and Marketing Consulting, Reporting, Analytic Analysis, and Campaign Strategy.  A big part of what we do includes campaign management, coordinating with clients on content and a posting strategy to drive traffic.  We manage the distribution of content across website blogs, paid advertising, press syndication, social media, and email by creating coordinated campaigns on all channels.  We also spend up to 2 hours a month meeting with clients to review and report campaign performance and update the marketing plan.

Full-Service Pack $625.00 TOTAL

** $625 Includes All Of The Above Services



CREATIVE Includes Special Requests for Custom Video, Web and Print Graphics, Photoshop, Web Page Development: Banners/ Buttons/ Icons / Logos / Memes, and Copy Writing.

SEO – Search engine keywording, heading and URL optimizations, photo optimizations, and mobile design.

**  There is NO Charge for using Client Creative and Creative Developed by us as part of our Full-Service Package.  We maintain built-in SEO Tools for websites using Yoast and other website plugins for site optimization.  Manual reviews, keyword analysis, and other SEO tactics including linking are additional.

Blog/Social Post – Client Content or Curated

$15 Per Blog/Social Post

Social Post – Client Content or Curated

$5 Per Social Post

SET UP $60 to $250

One time fee for setting up Full Service Package = $250 OR Price Per Account: One-time fee for setting up a single online account such as Facebook, Twitter, Call Rail, PR Web = $60 per account

Initiation of Service constitutes an agreement between client and HomePage Marketing that these prices shall not change unless 30 days notice is given.  Billing shall occur on or between the 27th and 31st day of the month.  We bill in arrears and the Credit Card on file will be charged on a monthly basis for services performed during the last 30 days, therefor a 30 Day Cancellation of Service is required.