What Type of Facebook Ad is Best for Your Business?

Advertising from your Facebook Page can help you reach people who care about your business, product, or service. You can boost a post, promote an event, get leads or even encourage people to shop on your website. There are many different ad types, and the first step is choosing the ad that supports your business goal.

See below to find which ad type best matches your business goal.

We recommend to start with a Website Visitors ad. This allows you to promote a specific URL from your Facebook Page. This increase is website traffic can help your Google search position and encourage ‘contact us’ page engagement. A website traffic ad will reach people who may click on the link and can help increase awareness of a specific web page.

Note: Some ad types may not be available based on your Page. For example, if you don’t have an event on your Page, the boost event ad type won’t be available.

What Facebook Ad Type Should you Use:

Base you ad type on your business goal 

Wht is you goal?

Promote Your Page Increase people’s awareness of your business or service and get Page likes.

Promote Your Business Locally Reach people near your business or a specific city.

Boost Post Reach people more likely to engage with your post. Engagement includes actions such as reacting to, commenting on or sharing the ad.

Boost a video post Share videos of your business with people on Facebook most likely to watch it.

Boost an Event Generate interest in an upcoming event and encourage attendance.

Promote Your [Call-to-Action] Button Encourage people to take a specific action based on your Page’s call-to-action button, such as Apply Now or Sign Up.

Get More Website Visitors Send people to a specific URL, such as your website’s home page or a blog post.

Get More Leads Find people interested in your business or product and ask them to share their contact info.

Get More Website Purchases Encourage people to purchase your product or service online.

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