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About the Facebook Chat Plugin

Around 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company.

More online businesses are leveraging the benefits of chat to seamlessly connect with their customers, provide fast support and increase engagement, all that in real-time and directly on the website itself. Chat can increase customer satisfaction, prevent cart abandonment and also help reduce bounce rates.

The Facebook Chat Plugin is a free chat extension that you can install on your website. When people visit your website and click on the Messenger icon, it will send them directly into a Messenger conversation to chat with your business.

The Chat Plugin allows your website visitors to chat with your business via Messenger by clicking on the Messenger logo shown on your website.

You can use the chat to answer questions about pricing or products, book appointments, or provide customer support. Features of the plugin include:

  • Chat history: The plugin on the website loads the chat history between the person and your business, where all recent chat interactions will be visible.
  • Continue conversations: You can follow up to conversations with people even after they have left your website. You don’t need to capture their information to continue talking, just use the same conversation in Messenger.You can use the same Facebook messaging tools via your Page Inbox to respond to these messages.
  • Enabling chat for everyone: People can chat with your business by logging into Messenger, or begin the chat as a guest user. Guest chats will be disabled 24 hours after the first user message, or when guest user chooses to end the chat. Transcript of guest chats will remain in your Inbox until you delete it.

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