The Most Critical Digital Ad Metric


Digital Ad Campaign Basic with HomePage Marketing

An ad must be visible and drive clicks for an ad manager to understand the ad’s performance and effectiveness and optimize the ad. Ad campaigns set up to run on Google and Facebook will have unknown reach metrics, impressions, and click-through rates until the campaign runs and gets “impressions” and “engagement” from people clicking on the ad’s link. Once the ad runs and has this click data, the click metrics should be analyzed and used for ad optimization and changes to improve the campaign. 

While an ad manager can estimate performance and set bid parameters before the ad running, an advertiser can still potentially lose out unless the ad manager can “pivot” mid-campaign and “refine the approach with adjustments to the bids, messages, formats, and platforms, to create an upswing in traction on digital channels.”  

For ongoing campaigns, optimizations usually happen after 7-14 days of data are collected and at least every month continuously. When an ad is optimized, it can include bid adjustments to keywords, negative keywords additions based on search term data, audience changes, location updates, and demographic targeting changes.

PPC ad campaigns must be visible and get impressions during a project to get audience clicks, and if the ad has a short flight (i.e., 3-7 days), the performance data will be unknown until the conclusion of the PPC ad campaign. Ad managers must rely on their experience and be ready to make optimizations (changes) to the ad once there is enough data to interpret. Based on the ad’s CLICK HISTORY, the ad manager relies on optimization best practices and their experience to refine the approach with adjustments to the campaign. The ad manager’s expertise in analyzing clicks and ad performance helps determine the ad trajectory.

HomePage Marketing helps you determine your ad trajectory and refine and implement ad optimizations. We rely on our decade of managing ads for a broad base of business clients and ad categories. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


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