How can I expect to communicate with you?
We ask for you to call us anytime, especially when you’re talking about marketing and are look at ways we can help you leverage what you’re doing.  We expect you to forward us requests and information by email also, including local photos, news/events, website revisions requests, requests for ads and email campaigns, etc. We provide reporting on a monthly basis, including ad performance, social media overview, google analytics, etc.  If there is specific reporting or intelligence you are looking for we will pull that for you as well.   We call you mid-month (approximately the 15th) to remind you to send us local news and do a check-in.  We can also schedule a monthly meeting if you’d like to strategize on a regular basis.  We include 1hr/mo. of consultation in your package or bill you 1/4 hour ($10) if you are not full service.
Will you share with me all the changes you make to my site, online assets, and provide detailed information about your recommendations and the reasoning behind them?
Yes, absolutely! We will go over what we do in detail
What specific performance metrics are available to track and report?
We use CARs, Google Analytics (including Ad Words), Hootsuite Social Media Manager and Facebook Manager to track and provide data.  The metrics we use most to measure performance include Reach/Impressions, Clicks to Website/Interaction, and Conversions (web contact form completion/phone calls), Likes, Follows and Email Open Rates.
How often can you provide a report and meet to discuss the results?

We are always available to meet and discuss results and will pull reporting per your request.  We automatically send reporting the first week of the month and call you mid-month.  We also send a monthly email on the 1st of the month w/ examples of campaigns, ideas, reminders, and updates.

Can we provide examples of your previous work and share some success stories of other Clients we currently serve?
We are happy to share what we are doing with other franchise owners.  We provide samples of Facebook Ad Campaigns and  Google Ad Words/PPC campaigns including performance.  We usually do this when we are working on a specific campaign.
How do you work with Clients who want to do it themselves?
For do-it-yourself business owners, we can provide training, set-up and consultation and as-needed support on a 1/4 hour basis ($10).