About Facebook Ad Budgets , Cost Control and Forecasting for 2020

What Facebook budgets are and how they work A budget is the amount of money you want to spend on showing people on Facebook your ads: It’s also a cost control tool.  It helps control your overall spend for an ad set (or campaign) the same way a bid strategy helps control your cost perContinue reading “About Facebook Ad Budgets , Cost Control and Forecasting for 2020”

Are Google Dynamic Ads Right For Your Business?

Should a Franchise Office Use Dynamic Ads? We do not recommend Google Dynamic Ads for our BrightStar Clients – Here’s Why: Dynamic Search Ads can quickly direct potential customers to where they want to go on your site. Dynamic Search Ads use your website content to target your ads and can help fill in theContinue reading “Are Google Dynamic Ads Right For Your Business?”

On Page Vs. Off Page SEO

Health Care Franchise Marketing Here is a look at how we work with Franchise Owners to help supplement the franchiser’s marketing efforts: ON PAGE SEO includes site metadata, HTML coding and site key wording – these website functions are managed by the BrightStar Care franchise office.  Local franchise owners have limited access to the theContinue reading “On Page Vs. Off Page SEO”

What Online Analytics Matter?

How to Measure Your Online Marketing Success Focus on Metrics that Matter Begin with making a strategic decision on what is measurable that best aligns to your business goal. Consider what data is available and what tracking capabilities are possible through our platform or partners. Focus on metrics tied to a key business goal (e.g.Continue reading “What Online Analytics Matter?”

Organic Decrease From Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update March 2019

Update by Kim Edmondson, Principal, HomePage Marketing What happened to health care sites with the Google’s  Broad Core Algorithm Update? We have seen a 20-30% decline in website visitors from Organic Search Engine Traffic and Referral Site Traffic to home health care sites.  The decline is associated with the March 12th Google Broad Core SearchContinue reading “Organic Decrease From Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update March 2019”

Facebook Placement

About FACEBOOK’S Delivery System: Ad Placements In many cases, we recommend running your ads across Facebook’s family of apps and services. This gives Facebook’s delivery system more flexibility to get you more and better results.  Facebook calls the different places they can show your ads “placements .”  We make your placements selection in the “Placements” sectionContinue reading “Facebook Placement”

Google Algorithm Change And Drop In Rankings

There was a major update to Google’s Search Ranking Algorithm in November 2016 and a large drop in rankings for many websites in December 2016. If you have seen a drop in your website’s search rankings it is likely due to the latest Google update thought to be focused on Mobile Quality MozCast detected aContinue reading “Google Algorithm Change And Drop In Rankings”

Do you need a supplemental Pay Per Click Campaign?

HomePage Marketing has worked with BrightStar’s Franchise Office to create Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that DO NOT compete with the franchise’s PPC efforts, and to help reach additional audiences.  Our PPC ads help you increase reach and broaden your marketing efforts. We want to encourage you to take advantage of the Franchise’s pay-per-click match.  WeContinue reading “Do you need a supplemental Pay Per Click Campaign?”

Why doesn’t my business come up in search? Is the keyword in your business name?

Many of our BrightStar Care clients ask why their business does not come in Home Care searches.   We have to explain that they will not come up in a national search for the keyword “home care” because the keyword “home” is not in their business name. BrightStar Franchises will come up for local searches, suchContinue reading “Why doesn’t my business come up in search? Is the keyword in your business name?”