CEOs Take Charge of Social Media

As CEO or leader of your business it is up to you to create what social media will look like for your company.  Make sure everyone in your organization knows their part and what you are trying to achieve as a team. Develop a model of how to bring social media into your entire organization.Continue reading “CEOs Take Charge of Social Media”

What does a Social Media Publicist do?

A Social Media Publicist creates online content in the form of posts, blogs and email texts.  Copy writting for the internet has its nuances and a Social Media Publicist will know how to write headlines, slogans and introductions for captivating an audience to “tune-in”…or as the Internet knows it… “click-through”.  While Broadcast Media calls it “tune-in” marketing,  it’sContinue reading “What does a Social Media Publicist do?”

Social Media Posting is a Valuable Marketing Tool…

THIS IS WHAT ACTIVELY POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES LIKE FACEBOOK CAN DO FOR BUSINESSES: Posting creates an Online Presence for a business and helps to stay Top-of-Mind within the Online Community Posting can create new relationships with new people…it helps to network Posting builds stronger connections with current customers and contacts Posting drives traffic to a business websiteContinue reading “Social Media Posting is a Valuable Marketing Tool…”