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Additional Information

LCF Focus Area:

Arts and Culture

Community Building



Youth Development


Written Proposal Requirements

The LCF Grant Application requires a written proposal that can be uploaded below, faxed to (925) 403-7827, or mailed to our main address. All materials must be received by the grant deadline to be considered complete.

Document Upload

Please upload any documents that are asscociated with your grant applicatoin here. You may upload up to seven individual documents. If you have more than seven individual documents, please add them into a zip file and upload the individual zip file. A maximum limit of 10MB of total file size can be uploaded.

Proposal narratives must address:

  • Significance of the issues you seek to address
  • Changes you seek to address

  • Project description and timeline
  • Success measurements

Please include with your application narrative:

  • Evidence of tax-exempt status
  • An operating budget for the organization
  • List of board members

  • Brief organizational history and mission statement
  • Letter of support from collaborating agency (if applicable)

If your grant seeks to fund a program for one of the local schools, please submit a written authorization letter provided by the school’s administration or school district confirming the project scope and use of funds.

Upon satisfactory review of the proposal, additional information may be requested. An interview and onsite visit may also occur.

Organizations receiving a grant award are required to return a signed LCF Grant Agreement within 2 weeks of the Grant Date to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of the LCF grant. Failure to complete the LCF Grant Agreement on a time basis may result in the Grant being withdrawn.


Feel free to send us a message.

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