The COVID-19 Effect On Digital Marketing

COVID-19 Marketing Update

How long will these slogans be used and when will they be just noise?

“We’re Here For You”
“In This Together”
“Please let us know how we can support you during this difficult time”

HomePage Marketing is staying on-top of the latest social media trends, watching the data for insight, and understanding new consumer behaviors (the new “Homebody” target) that will be key in driving successful marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As users stay home, in-home online and TV activity has increased significantly. Nielsen reports show as much as 50x the amount of online and TV traffic throughout the day. COVID-19 has changed viewing times and we are seeing prime time traffic in many day-parts also. We see now that advertisers can reach their target users for less budget by investing more heavily in video, digital advertising, and direct mail advertising.

As the world pushes through this challenging time, compassion in advertising will be critical to ensure that brands remain in a positive light. Businesses should be a resource for their employees, consumers, and other key stakeholders. Ensuring that brands take a compassionate approach to advertising will ultimately lead to long-term consumer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Here is how Online Advertising has been impacted:

  • Ads Are Cheaper Now: CPM Has Decreased
  • Cost per Click Is Now Lower as Well
  • Click-Through Rate Has Declined
  • Organic content is getting more attention than paid content
  • People are posting more on Brand Pages
  • Engagement Across Regions Remains Steady

The brands that are being proactive and making contributions to their communities and employees have seen the most engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Top Facebook and Instagram Posts have been on COVID-19 all month. The data shows that people want information on COVID-19 and they want to talk about it.

According to Nielsen, “Brands that focus on health and safety concepts in the future are likely to see strong demand from consumers who see a renewed sense of importance in staying healthy.”

Believe it or not, I’ve already seen an offer for a COVID-19 Marketing Course, online of course!.


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