HomePage Marketing (HPM) and BrightStar Care Franchise Marketing

HomePage Marketing has been working with the BrightStar Care for over 5 years as an APPROVED VENDOR!

As we move forward into 2020, we are excited to work under Teresa Celmer’s leadership, APPROVED BRIGHTSTAR VENDORand to again align with your BrightStar Care Franchise Marketing  Team to provide you with ‘concierge’ customer service and campaign management that coordinate with your franchise goals.  

HomePage Marketing (HPM) promises to provide you with the highest value at the lowest cost. We will continue to supplement and complement the franchise’s GMF marketing efforts, giving you both full-service and a la’ cart options and flexibility.  

BrightStar Care owners across the county have made significant investments in HPM and HPM Ad Campaigns. The work we have done for the past 5 years has given us the marketing experience, campaign data and analytics that enables us to outperform the competition, including outperforming both Horizon Media and companies who competes against your online marketing efforts, like Visiting Angels. 

HPM has a solid track record of staying ahead of the GMF’s efforts and the ability to offer new types of ads and marketing opportunities to owners, such as SMS Text Message Marketing and Native Advertising. We also consistently out-perform the GMF’s PPC campaigns with lower cost-per-click and more impressions because we use a different bidding strategy that does not compete with GMF.  Further, we use your franchise assets and leverage them:  For example, extending the Franchise TV ads to your local market via your YouTube channel when the commercial is not running on national television. We are your solution for extending and supplementing the GMF/Franchise Marketing efforts. 

Horizon Media Info. (GMF Ad Agency)

Horizon and HPM Do Not Compete–We Compliment

Horizon Media is the National Franchise Office’s Advertising Agency managing the GMF Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign and coming soon, Facebook/Instagram ads.

Horizon will offer a Supplemental National Branding Ad Campaign for Facebook/Instagram for your local market.  Your HPM Facebook Campaigns are not the same.  HPM Campaigns are uniquely local. What happens if you only run GMF Facebook Ads and Stop Running HPM Ads?

Your targeted audience will change and be less refined.  You will not be able to use custom target audiences (email target lists).   The advertising message will be an extension of the national brand and reach a more general audience that is different from what you are targeting with HPM ads.   You will not control the GMF ads or have the ability to customize copy or targeting.  You will have less data and insights available to you.   You will not be running targeted ads to specific groups like Case Managers and Alzheimer’s with customized messaging for that group (targeted ads to specific Facebook groups are proven to be more effective than general branding ads).

GMF campaigns are being built from ground up and will take time to refine and optimize .  Google and Facebook ads can take up to 3 months or longer to optimize.  You will lose  momentum.  

Franchise Goals = Franchise Gains

Since the BrightStar Care website was launched we have seen  BrightStar Care struggle to get search placement.   Now the Franchise is correcting course with a new VP of Marketing and a new ad agency to help  with marketing and improve SEO.     This direction supports what HPM has been doing all along for local marketing and SEO.  HPM’s local marketing efforts have helped BrightStar Care’s SEO efforts through blogging, geo-tagging local website photos, driving site traffic through email marketing, social media posting and advertising, localizing your website, and through syndicated Press Releases. 

HPM’s SEO, SOCIAL AND PAID MARKETING efforts supplement and bolster what the GMF is able to do. 

Over the past few years, the Franchise has push towards gaining governance over your local website and marketing assets. As part of this effort, some marketing activities have been restricted. A few of the local marketing restrictions that hinder your ability to market locally and compete with other local home care companies in you market include:

  •   No First Page Website Real Estate for uniquely local content 
  •   No local YouTube Channel (we ignore this rule but might not get away with it for long unless owners push for it)
  •   No local Instagram
  •   No local Pinterest
  •   No Branded Local Video On Facebook
  •   No access to Website Pages or Meta-Data
  •   Not Able to Ad Tracking Code to Website (limited localization of website)
  •   No Local LinkedIn Company Page
  •   No customization or full page format for local custom landing pages or local ad conversion pages are available on the Website. 

Currently, there is no data available to us that suggests these marketing restrictions benefit the local market.  We are pushing to get use of these assets for local marketing purposes and lobbying for more local marketing tools to support local market activity.   We are your franchise advocate and watchdog.   As a trusted, independent third party marketing consultant, we will continue to identify marketing opportunities and work with the Franchise Marketing Team to improve your SEO and marketing efforts at the  LOCAL level. 

We look forward to our continued partnership, and to moving forward together with your Franchise Team, to best serve your local interests and help make BrightStar Care the best LOCAL home care brand in the industry.

Please schedule time with us so we can show you further visual and financial comparisons between the ads you are currently running, and what the GMF will offer you:   calendly.com/homepagemarketing


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