Comparing the GMF and HomePage Marketing (HPM) Campaigns


The Franchise Marketing Team will announce they are offereing local Facebook/Instagram advertising campaign at the Annual Meeting this month. 

Here are the facts and differences in what the GMF and HPM offer, and our recommendations:

We’re thrilled the BrightStar Care Franchise Marketing Team is promoting the value of local social media campaigns.  In addition to providing GMF Google Search Ads, the Franchise will now also offer Facebook and Instagram Branding Ads through Horizon Media:  Horizon’s Facebook/Instagram Ads will feature the national branding message on your local Facebook page and there will be a 50% GMF match to promote the national brand.  You will also be required to pay Horizon Media to manage the national ad campaign and for the cost of the additional ads.

HPM DOES NOT COMPETE with Horizon Media or GMF Campaigns – HPM Ad Campaigns are different from GMF Campaigns and are designed to reach a different audience and use different bidding strategies. HPM Ad Campaigns COMPLEMENT GMF Campaigns.

Here is the difference in scope of work between what the GMF Agency (Horizon Media) will offer you and what HomePage Marketing does:

The GMF Social Media Advertising Program (an additional cost to you)  will be a NATIONAL BRAND CAMPAIGN run at the local level

  • You will be offered to PAY additional money to run an on-going national branding campaign with a 50% GMF match. The national ads will run on your local Facebook page and drive traffic to a lead conversion form (a different strategy from HPM reach and website traffic ads)
  • The locally run National Ad Campaign will use the brand’s new creative (also available to you and HPM to use in your own ads) and the national ads will target a general local audience on your local Facebook page (a different target market/demographic than your HPM Facebook ads)
  • The locally run national campaign will  be an extension of the television campaign’s branding message, using similar creative and messaging to a broad local audience (a different demographic/target market than your HPM Facebook ads)
  • The 50% GMF match will benefit the franchise’s branding efforts. The campaign traffic will not go to your local website, but to a specific landing page/contact us form to collect leads.

Currently the cost and targeting of the Horizon Facebook/Instagram campaign is still unknown.  While the 50% match is great to help brand BrightStar Care, the GMF campaign will not be a uniquely local campaign or drive traffic to your local website, like your current HPM ads do.

Until there is data and performance numbers from the GMF campaign to analyze, we do not suggest you OPT-IN to run an additional campaign.**

**Prior to running a supplemental campaign with Horizon Media, we suggest you analyze the data and performance metrics in other markets and measure the data against your current campaigns to determine if you can achieve the same or better results from running you own branding campaign. 



If you would like to promote a National Brand message, HPM  has full access to the same creative used in the National Campaign. We also have the opportunity to use this creative independently to customize your message and target to your specifications using custom lists and targeting.

HPM has been running BrightStar Care social media campaigns for franchise owners for many years. During this time we have collected data and analytics, and tested and optimized your ad campaigns, tailoring them to your local market objectives. We provide a broader, more cohesive marketing service than the GMF offers. Our “cross-channel marketing” efforts have a larger impact on your site traffic because we provide marketing coordination across multiple channels. In doing such, you get broader reach on more platforms with uniquely local content, ad customization, and linking. Most importantly, you get more transparency and control of your ad campaign compared to a GMF managed campaign.


The difference in quality and level of service you receive at HomePage Marketing (HPM) is much broader.

With the new GMF social campaigns, there will be an additional out-of-pocket expense for franchise owners.  The campaign that will promote the national brand at the local level.  At HPM you pay a flat fee for multiple campaigns that can be changed or deployed at anytime for local promotions. HPM ads focus on specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and in addition to branding, we target lead sources, recruit applicants, local news and events, awards, and reviews.

HPM’s service and partnership provides hands-on, daily-work and oversight that is unique to your market, and can not be duplicated by a larger agency. 


      • More Choice,  More Data and Access to Data Not Available From Software Provides and their Dashboards.
      • Ability to Experiment (A/B Test)
      • More Campaign Control and Transparency
  • DOUBLE OVERSIGHT:  ON-GOING GOOGLE STRATEGIST CONSULTATIONS/REVIEW OF GOOGLE’S RECOMMENDATIONS  – Google’s own strategists review your campaigns when your ads run exclusively on Google’s Ads platform, and not on 3rd Party Platforms. Google’s Account Strategists work directly with HPM on an ongoing basis to optimize your campaigns.  Large Ad Agencies use 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE to manage high numbers of accounts/campaigns, and Google does not support, recommend, nor review ad performance on 3rd Party Ad Management Platforms because Google has their own platform (AdWords) and exclusively supports it. When Google updates their Ad Platform, larger ad agencies have to update their software to respond to Google’s changes. This software development process means that most agencies lag behind, and take time to update and catch up with Google’s changes, including new bidding strategies, targeting, ad opportunities, and recommendations.
  • QUICK & NIMBLE—We have fast turn-around times, and adapt to change faster than larger agencies.  Our size and scope of service enables us to ‘hands-on manage’ your accounts, where as larger agencies use management software.
  • PERSONAL SERVICE – TEAM WORK – We work with your entire team to support and coordinate all team efforts, from recruiting, customer service and employee communications, to marketing.

We have the depth of experience and personal relationships with BrightStar Care that can not be matched:


  • 6 Years of Google Ad Keyword and Campaign Data/Performance. We have run every TYPE of BrightStar Care Google Campaign available to local franchises, including Search, Video and Display Ads, where as your GMF has run Search Ads only. Our level of experience, analytics, research, and understanding of BrightStar’s keywords and audience targeting cannot be matched or replicated by machine learning. A new agency will start from GROUND ZERO and take months to optimize a campaign.

HPM has been working with the BrightStar Care Franchise Marketing Team for over 5 years as an APPROVED VENDOR. As we move forward, we are excited to work under Teresa Celmer’s leadership, and to again align your Franchise Location to provide you with ‘concierge’ customer service and campaign management to provide you with the highest value at the lowest cost. We will continue to supplement and complement the franchise’s GMF marketing efforts, giving you both full-service and a la’ cart options and flexibility.  

BrightStar Care owners across the county have made significant investments in HPM and their HPM Ad Campaigns. The work we have done for the past 5 years has given HPM the marketing experience, campaign data and analytics that enables us to outperform the competition, including outperforming both Horizon Media and companies that compete against your online marketing efforts, like Visiting Angels.

HPM has a solid track record of staying ahead of the Franchise marketing GMF’s efforts in rolling out new types of ads and marketing opportunities to owners, such as SMS Text Message Marketing, and Native Advertising. We also consistently outperform the GMF’s PPC campaigns with lower cost-per-click, and more impressions. Further, we use your franchise assets and further leverage them: For example, extending the Franchise TV ads to your local market via your YouTube channel when the commercial is not running on national television. We are your solution for extending and supplementing the GMF/Franchise Marketing efforts. 

Over the past few years, the Franchise has worked towards gaining governance over your local website and marketing assets. As part of this effort, some marketing activities have been restricted. A few of the local marketing restrictions that hinder your ability to market locally and compete with other local home care companies in you market include:

  •   No First Page Website Real Estate for uniquely local content 
  •   No approved local YouTube Channel 
  •   No local Instagram
  •   No local Pinterest
  •   No Branded Local Video On Facebook
  •   No access to Website Pages or Meta-Data
  •   Not Able to Ad Tracking Code to Website (limited localization of website)
  •   No Local LinkedIn Company Page
  •   No customization or full page format for local custom landing pages or local ad conversion pages are available on the Website. 

Currently, there is no data available to us that suggests these marketing restrictions benefit the local market. We are pushing to get use of these assets for local marketing purposes and lobbying for more local marketing tools to support local market activity.   We are your franchise advocate and watchdog. As a trusted, independent third party marketing consultant, we will continue to identify marketing opportunities and work with the Franchise Marketing Team to improve your SEO and marketing efforts at the  LOCAL level. 

Please schedule time with us so we can show you further visual and financial comparisons between the ads you are currently running, and what Horizon will offer you:


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