On Page Vs. Off Page SEO

Health Care Franchise Marketing

Here is a look at how we work with Franchise Owners to help supplement the franchiser’s marketing efforts:

ON PAGE SEO includes site metadata, HTML coding and site key wording – these website functions are managed by the BrightStar Care franchise office.  Local franchise owners have limited access to the the website and no access to the metadata, and limited website editing ability.

The BrightStar Care Franchise  manages the owner’s website’ ON PAGE SEO, including key wording, graphic/photo tagging, page templates/copy and the site’s metadata and HTML coding. The site’s metadata and keywords influence the local owner’s site’s organic search position and site traffic.

The franchise is responsible for driving local search and page rank that has the most influence on traffic to your local website. HomePage Marketing helps supplements these efforts with both ON PAGE and OFF Page SEO. The ON PAGE SEO areas where HomePage helps impact search rank and provides website services include blogging (helping key word density and building site links and content for the search engines to crawl/rank), adding client testimonials, EOM profiles, updates to staff bios and geo-tagging local photographs and video for the blog and local page updates.

HomePage’s marketing efforts contribute to website traffic that Google uses to rank your website. When we make changes to your website, create blog content and add keywords for the search engines to crawl, your website is re-indexed and this helps to improve search position and page rank.

In addition to our website management, our OFF PAGE SEO includes email marketing, social media management, PR and paid advertising. Our OFF PATE SEO efforts contribute to Google rank because of the website traffic we help generate and the engagement on social channels is monitored and indexed by Google. Each channel’s activity will influence your page rank/SEO. The more sites that link to your website and the more traffic cumming in from the different channels like social media, email marketing and business listings will help improve page rank, however it is the meta data on your website that is managed by franchise that is most influential and core to your page rank. I’m happy to explain more. There is a lot that goes into SEO ON and OFF PAGE. Putting what the franchise does aside, what you can do to improve rank is continue to provide unique local content to impact your SEO and drive traffic and engagement and supplement organic traffic with paid traffic. Let me know if you have any questions.

These are the services that HomePage provides to support your local SEO efforts:

· Update Your Pages – Add Original Content to your website blog and use Geographic Keywords and Key Search Terms in page content.

· Add Photos that can be key worded and ‘geo-tagged’ for local website and social media search.

· Use Referral Sites and Partner sites to link to your websites (Links from Referral Sites (other website) that link to your local website are counted by Google and help bring traffic to your site.

· Send Traffic from Social Channels to your local website by posting Blogs.

· Add YouTube Video: YouTube has similar search traffic as compared to Google Search. Your YouTube audience is local and looking for local content. While the bulk of YouTube Searches is for music, gaming and personalities, there are millions of people searching for educational content and news. Millions of people are watching live TV on YouTube. “CNN Live,” “Fox News Live,” and “Fox News Live Stream” get millions of searches per month combined. Google and YouTube are connected and while we don’t know what algorithms Google uses to determine rank, we know that Google counts traffic from YouTube to your website, and because YouTube traffic is measured by Google, the traffic and views from your YouTube videos is valuable. YouTube video can be used on your website, emails and on social media.

· Increase Paid Traffic from Google/YouTube/Instagram/ and Facebook.

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