Google Algorithm Change And Drop In Rankings

There was a major update to Google’s Search Ranking Algorithm in November 2016 and a large drop in rankings for many websites in December 2016.

If you have seen a drop in your website’s search rankings it is likely due to the latest Google update thought to be focused on Mobile Quality

MozCast detected a change to Google rankings in November and industry chatter suggests that there was a core ranking update and the Mobile-first Index  is being tested.  The fallout of the new Google algorithm seems to be that sites with low mobile quality are impacted.   Mobile quality scores relate to mobile web content and inbound mobile traffic.  Here are some related articles regarding the algorithm change and the negative impact on rankings:

 In order to recover from the negative impacts of the new algorithm, websites must improve their mobile quality by focusing on creating mobile content and site traffic.

We recommend testing a mobile campaign and evaluating its impact on your search rank.  One strategy is to  build a mobile friendly landing page and execute mobile campaigns on Facebook and Google to generate mobile traffic to your site.   
There are also advanced SEO tactics that include link building that can help your rank.  Link building can cost between $100 and $1000 per month and is an ongoing commitment.
I always warn clients that organic rank chasing is problematic.  I use an “addiction” analogy where you have to continually pay for the high if you want to be high.   Linking is a quick fix that requires an ongoing supply of money to keep the higher ranking position.

There is more to it than just search rankings….We want our clients to focus on metrics that impact business results like traffic and conversions (sales, lead generation, engagement) rather than focusing on ranking reports.  I refer to this article when talking about how ranking reports can change from minute to minute and that your rankings are only part of the picture:

We are actively looking for remedies to correct any negative fall from the November Google update and we recommend participating in local campaigns focused on driving mobile traffic to your website, as well as upgrading the sites’ mobile user experience. 
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