Do you need a supplemental Pay Per Click Campaign?

SEM - Search Engine MarketingHomePage Marketing has worked with BrightStar’s Franchise Office to create Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that DO NOT compete with the franchise’s PPC efforts, and to help reach additional audiences.  Our PPC ads help you increase reach and broaden your marketing efforts.
We want to encourage you to take advantage of the Franchise’s pay-per-click match.  We will help you understand the differences between what you are getting with the GMF Campaign and what a supplemental campaign can offer.

HomePage Pay Per Click Campaign Differences

HomePage’s MAX PPC Campiagn is different from the Franchise/MindStreat GMF PPC Campaign…
The MAX Campaign uses an alternative bidding strategy that does not compete with the Franchise’s keyword bidding strategy.
We bid on key word searches that the franchise campaign is not bidding on, including home nursing and memory care.  The GMF Campaign captures keyword searches for ad groups different from the MAX Campaign.  We can reach custom audiences and create specialized ads for groups interested in  Autism Care, ALS Care, Cancer Support, etc.
When you own multiple franchises your GMF budget is divided up by franchise area.  This impacts the bids that can be made.  When we combine your territories, and run 1 ad instead of separate ads for each territory, we are able to bid more efficiently with a larger budget.
The franchise campaign ad groups are not the same as ours.  We have 5 standard ad groups and multiple specialty ad groups.  The top 3 areas the GMF Campaign focuses on are:  Capturing searches for your competition, ‘BrightStar’ name searches, and for Home Care searches.
We have also expanded ad groups to promote your clinical capabilities, and we now offer new campaigns for special needs care, disability support, aide and attendance, veterans assistance, rehab, etc.


GMF Campaign MAX Campaign
Home Care Skilled Nursing/Private Duty
Senior Memory Care
Elderly Child Care
BrightStar Geriatric Care Management
Assistance Special Need/Disability Care
Care Provider Patient Treatment
The GMF Campaign uses 1/3 of the ad budget for promoting the keyword ‘BrightStar’ which does NOT benefit  local franchises who rank organically for this key search.   Your franchise name  will most likely come up organically when you Google ‘BrightStar’.   If you are organically showing up on page one for the keyword ‘BrightStar’, it is unnecessary to pay for ad position.  About 1/3 of your GMF Campaign budget is spent on leads searching ‘BrightStar’.
The GMF Campaign also drives competitor search terms, so you ad shows up when someone searches your competition’s name.  Your staff needs to be ready to steal the lead meant for your competition and understand that you are paying for wrong numbers.   If your staff is not trained on how to handle these calls you are wasting your ad budget on competitive leads.
Our MAX campaign has 5 standard ad groups:  Senior Care, Home Nursing, Companion Care, Memory Care, and Kid Care (we only trigger child care end of school year for summer care).   All our ad groups have custom landing pages.  GMF only uses one generic landing page.  Our landing pages have messaging specific to the ad group to provide more relevance to page visitors and a higher quality score from Google.
Max Ads have your telephone number in the ad so you do NOT have to pay for someone clicking on the ad to call you – saving you $ and making it easier for leads to reach you. The GMF campaign is predominately driving clicks for phone call conversion that you must pay for.

Even though we are not tracking phone leads, our campaign is our performing the GMF Campaign.   We are driving more reach, and more interaction at a lower cost per conversion than the GMF Campaign.

Bottom line…We highly recommend a supplemental campaign if you want to reach beyond the General Marketing Fund Campaign Ads.

Our cost for managing your PPC ads is  $40 per month.

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