Why doesn’t my business come up in search? Is the keyword in your business name?

Many of our BrightStar Care clients ask why their business does not come in Home Care searches.   We have to explain that they will not come up in a national search for the keyword “home care” because the keyword “home” is not in their business name.
BrightStar Franchises will come up for local searches, such as “Home Care *location*”,  but will not rank for home care on a national basis because of the name of the company.
The companies that are getting higher page position for HOME CARE searches all have the term “home” in their business name.  This is why Google search ads are so important to get on first page for keywords not found in your business name.
These are the area to focus on that will help get lift in page rank organically:
  • Create more web page content on “Home Care” – for example:  blog on home care issues, share stories home care/caregiver stories.  We are currently creating 2 SEO pages per month for you to help with this.
  • Syndicated press releases  on your Home Care Service/Joint Commission/Home Care Awards
  • Create listings and inbound links by adding more citation sites.
  • Send more traffic to your web site through social media and Google – increase your Search Engine Marketing budget for PPC ads and post to social media with links to your site.

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