Do you need a supplemental Pay Per Click Campaign?

HomePage Marketing has worked with BrightStar’s Franchise Office to create Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns that DO NOT compete with the franchise’s PPC efforts, and to help reach additional audiences.  Our PPC ads help you increase reach and broaden your marketing efforts. We want to encourage you to take advantage of the Franchise’s pay-per-click match.  WeContinue reading “Do you need a supplemental Pay Per Click Campaign?”

Why doesn’t my business come up in search? Is the keyword in your business name?

Many of our BrightStar Care clients ask why their business does not come in Home Care searches.   We have to explain that they will not come up in a national search for the keyword “home care” because the keyword “home” is not in their business name. BrightStar Franchises will come up for local searches, suchContinue reading “Why doesn’t my business come up in search? Is the keyword in your business name?”

Creating Video Content for SEO

The most cost effective way to create Video Content to add to your website, blog or social meida channels is to shoot the video yourself (or us a local photographer) and HomePage will package it for you.   Video packages include a intro/title page, headings and subtitles, and exit page with contact info.  We can use raw videoContinue reading “Creating Video Content for SEO”

Business Directories and Websites – should I advertise there?

Are Online Business Directory Sites A Good Advertising Opportunity Inbound links Sensing Traffic to Your Website from Qualified Sources Online Creates an Opportunity for Lead Conversion When should you pay for an ad or online listing on a Business Directory or Website? There are a  few things to ask when considering advertising on a website. Here areContinue reading “Business Directories and Websites – should I advertise there?”