Our Response to TAG’s Request for Retraction and Clarification on BrightStar Services

Home Page wants to provide full disclosure to BrightStar on our practices, deliverables and tasks performed for each marketing channel we work on.   In our last email communication, we shared a comparison of service included in our BrightStar Service Package to what was advertised in TAG’s BrightStar’s Service Package.  The purpose of our comparison was to give franchise owner an “apples” to “apples” look at our services.   This was difficult to do because the information in TAG’s BrightStar Service Package does not elaborate on the exact tasks they perform.  Because of this we stated that the information in the comparison we provided was assumed to be correct based on what information was available to us.  We also stated that we could not fully assure that the analysis accurately represented services offered.  TAG has responded and we are offering clarification, retraction and comments on statements made based on the information they came forward with. The information they provided us still leaves questions on what exact services and tasks are included in TAG’s lowest cost BrightStar Service Package that we used as a comparison, and what services are an additional charge or part of a higher level of service than we used to compare.

For clarification, under “Support/Strategy Planning/Monthly Meeting,” we state that “TAG is an Advertising Agency and not a Marketing Agency.  TAG believes this is false, because TAG’s website expressly states “TAG Business Strategies/Digital Marketing”….Referencing a definition source may help clarify the difference (For example, see Wikipedia Advertising Agency – this is where Digital Marketing falls, and Marketing Agency directs to Marketing.  HomePage offers services beyond digital marketing, including traditional marketing such as event promotions, branding, market research, POP promotions, direct mail, print and video production.  We also have extensive social media, cable and radio advertising experience in addition to our SEM advertising background.

…Under “WEBSITE MANAGEMENT,” we state that TAG provides (i) limited customization of franchisees’ website pages and (ii) one SEO page per month. TAG says they completely customize every aspect of a clients’ pages and they publish two professionally written articles per month.  HomePage is not sure if TAG views “clients’ pages” the same as “franchise pages” – we view them as separate.   We do not know which pages are customized as TAG does not specify. Also, we don’t know where they publish their articles or if they are unique articles for each client, or the same two articles for all clients.).  In addition, TAG says they rewrite content, add service pages, and complete any other client requests.  It is still unclear if these services are by “request” only, or at an additional cost, or included in TAG’s BrightStar’s Service Package.

…Under “REVIEW GENERATION,” TAG says they implement a social outreach program designed to generate reviews across multiple sites for all clients.  We have no idea what this program consists of.   TAG did not give any examples or specific tasks preformed, nor have we seen any examples other than a landing page.  Our review generation strategy consist of very specific tasks: (1) adding links to email marketing, (2) adding links to email signatures, (3) sending email marketing messaging, (4) review request inclusion in blogs (5) linking social media posts to review sites and (6) sponsoring content promoting reviews.

…Under “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT,” we state that TAG provides minimal social media support and does not take advantage of the most powerful social media network for SEO – LinkedIn.  TAG says they provide services for LinkedIn account holders.  LinkedIn Management is not listed as part of the BrightStar Service Package offer we compared. Correction:  TAG’s BrightStar Service Package provides less content posted to Social Media news feeds and it is not clear if they perform any of these tasks, such as including building-profiles, contact outreach, contact uploads, business LI page, join Local LI groups and manage group postings, and open position postings and ads.

…Under “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT,” we state that TAG sets up a G+ account, but they do NOT add content.  Correction:  They do add content such as a banner photo and business information.  Clarification:  They post less content to the news feeds.  We post content to G+ twice a day each weekday and unlimited content from the franchise.

…Under “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT,” TAG says they will upload content upon client’s request.  HomePage Marketing posts localized content weekly, without a client having to request it or be pro-active.

…Under  “SOCIAL NETWORKING” and “EMAIL MARKETING MANAGEMENT”  TAG writes “these services do not provide any value add to BrightStar’s franchisees…However, when applicable and/or necessary or advisable for its clients to attain a successful outcome, TAG provides all listed services”.  Clarification: Email Marketing does not appear to be included in the TAG BrightStar Service Package we compared.  Tag does not consider it valuable.  It is unclear what if any additional costs are associated with TAG providing these services.

…Under SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM)”, we state that TAG is an agency – TAG writes it is “not” an agency.

…Under “PUBLIC RELATIONS,” we state that TAG does not provide monthly press release services. Clarification:  TAG provides press release services “when applicable and/or necessary or advisable”.  It is unclear if TAG syndicates its releases and if their distribution reaches the same media contacts, bloggers and consumers we reach, as our releases are placed in thousands of News Sites, Blogs, Social Networks, Newspaper Sites, TV News Sites, Radio News Sites, and Search Engines.

If you have any further questions or comments about TAG services we highly recommend you speak to them directly for answers.

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