CEOs Take Charge of Social Media

As CEO or leader of your business it is up to you to create what social media will look like for your company.  Make sure everyone in your organization knows their part and what you are trying to achieve as a team. Develop a model of how to bring social media into your entire organization.   Include every department to truly maximize results.  Communicate your social media goals in the context of how it will help your business goals, and then select the social media program that will support those goals.  For example, if your goal is Customer Relations Management, then build you social media around customer service and the ways you interact with the customer to provide information.

Author Steve Nicholls says “Once you have your staff’s support, social media will help you create diversified channels of communication both within the company, among staff, departments, etc., and externally, between a company and its customers, suppliers and other businesses.”   Social media can also be used to increase brand awareness, build trust, tap into global and local markets, increase visible market presence, generate leads, and increase search engine optimization (SEO).

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